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HD LED Light Makeup Mirror


product description
[product name] desktop three-sided folding LED light makeup mirror touch dimming with 2 times 3 times magnifying glass surface
[product size] 280*180*117mm
[product material] ABS
[Production Process] Injecting plastic color (the surface can be used for other processes, fuel injection, electroplating, thermal transfer, water transfer, vacuum heat transfer, diamond drilling, laser engraving, etc.)
[Packing method] ordinary safe packaging PE bag + neutral color box
[Scope of use] Suitable for everyday home, bathroom bedroom.

[Product Description] Simple and generous, high-quality materials, and a unique and functional experience, people can't put it down.



Store Description:

With 4 different magnification mirrors in one, you can now choose your desired view, without having a clutter of mirrors in front of you.

You can also do your final finishing makeup touches in the dark with the built-in LED lighting that is controllable via touchscreen. Putting on makeup has just gotten so much easier, and clutter free.


High definition and true clarity - With its 1X, 2X, 3X and 10X magnification, you can see every finest detail easily, clearly.

  • True daylight brightness - Its built-in LED lights mimic natural daylight, which is easily controlled at a touch of the screen.
  • Find your perfect viewing angle - Its 180° easy swivel base allows you to view your makeup or hair from any angle you like.
  • Easily portable - The mirror easily folds shut, into a compact piece that you can easily carry around.
  • Never lose your makeup items again - Its base is also a handy compartment tray, easily allowing you to store your essential makeup items there.
  • Choice of using USB power or AAA batteries for LED lights.