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Reflect Butt Muscle Toner

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The Reflect Butt Muscle Toner helps you build, shape and strengthen your gluteal muscles and hips and reduces cellulite! It stimulates the hip line effectively by releasing pressure and lifts up the hip muscles using EMS Pulses. Now, you can easily train your buttocks anytime anywhere. It tones the muscles, causing reduction and rectification, by means of electrical impulses through the skin. You can now exercise these muscles effortlessly, thanks to the perfectly targeted electro-stimulation, in only a few minutes per day. This Reflect Butt Muscle Toner not only makes your buttocks more flexible and plump, but it also massages your lumbar spine providing relief and comfort.


  • Help you tone, adjust and sharpen your hips and buttocks
  • The design allows great adhesion to the hips
  • Helps you build, shape and strengthen your glutes
  • Provides relief and comfort

Package includes:

  • 1 x Reflect Butt Muscle Toner

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